Diebold Classic:

Legendary case for the skimmer. Case cover exactly repeat the design of the card reader. The case have a place for mounting electronics and 5mm audio head.

Diebold 2 in 1:

The cover on the card reader repeat form of the card reader. “face” have space for mounting electronics, reading 5,4 audio head and a video camera.

Diebold narrow:

Case cover for ATM Diebold opeva brend.Case have the place for mounting electronics and 5mm reading magnetic head.

Diebold UltraSlim:

Looks like a slot Dib 2 in 1. Basic different in is thin case(its make more invisible on ATM)
In such “face” cant be placed video camera. Place have space only for alectronics.

Diebold USA (2 in 1):

Classic case cover in ATM Diebold Opeva brand popular in the USA. Case have a place for mounting electronics that reads the magnetic “head” and the camera.

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